Thursday, September 2, 2010

crafty thursday night

whew. i am crafted out. not really. i just need more supplies but its 12:15 am and no stores i need are open. here are a few of my current projects...

i may rip out the tissue and replace with the cupcake liners. i love the way this ball is looking!

i have more plans for these cupcake liners but i need different colors and more styrofoam. lots of different types of styrofoam.

i also need a big piece of styrofoam so i can do a bigger "M" i love when i'm on a roll and ideas just come to me! i am stumped on one thing and it's driving me crazy that i can not find a solution of how to make it work. i hate that.

if you are kane's lulu STOP reading this post. RIGHT NOW! i have been holding on to this bc i didn't want to spill the beans but i am about to burst at the seams. i have to tell. for those of you who don't know, grandparents day is right around the corner!!!! since this is the first one i decided to celebrate it with gifts. this is what michael's mom is getting. she loves to skype with kane so i thought this is perfect!!!! i am beyond excited for her to get it-

a story time tote for her. i went to half price books and bought the same books that we have here so as she reads to him over skype he can follow along. i'll fill her tote with those books and send it on it's way to her house. love this.
since my mom lives in another state and has only seen kane once i got her an album with some of kane's pictures. i'm so excited- she called today and told me that she is coming to visit us in october!!! can not wait!!!!
for my grandparents we made them these cute little dog cards. you raise the ears and read a little message. i attempted to try and get kane's hand prints but failed miserably. i used red washable paint and when we were done with our trial it looked like i killed a chicken. maybe next year.

i think i may of found someone who can make similar birthday pj's to the ones on chasing fireflies! so excited!!!
i got kane is cute little apron yesterday. he can help me bake christmas goodies or go work at starbucks. lol
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  1. The hair salon I go to here has a HUGE wall art/mural thing made of cupcake liners, large coffee filters, and tiny strings of lights. I assumed it was some uber-pricey artist's work- nope, and I about died when I found out what it was all made of! I think your cupcake-lined balls will turn out super cute, and if you want to go even bigger, the large basket-style coffee filters are jumbo sized versions of them!


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