Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Home

For all of you who have not been to our house yet, here's a sneak peak... Now i warn you we have not been here long so things are not perfect but we think it's a start!

This is our kitchen- it took forever for me to find the shade of yellow that i wanted on the walls. I think it turned out well. The island was supposed to be darker then the rest of the cabinets but the color did not turn out as dark as i hoped. I got the idea from a magazine, except the island was black. I was not that bold, not yet anyways.

I found this hand towel at a little gift shop right after our wedding and i couldn't resist! I love finding items like this.

Here is our bedroom. We found this bed and nightstand at Basset Furniture. I was amazed how well it went with my furniture. And i love our bedding. I found it at Pottery Barn and it was on sale! Michael isn't crazy about it but it couldn't be returned. He gets to pick our next one, or so he thinks!

This is our guest bedroom. It's the bed i had before we were married minus the new bedding that we got for our wedding. I'm not sure what we are going to do once Michael's house sells. He has a whole house full of furniture. Not too many newly weds can say they have too much so i guess we are lucky.
Here are Kane's baby shower invites! i got a wild hair this past weekend and decided i would try to make them myself. Needless to say my aunt and sister-n-law are not thrilled that i took over their shower responsibilities. But it is practice for all the invites/ cards that will be coming up before we know it. They obviously are not completed, i still need to add all the details. I special ordered stamps that have Kane's ultrasound picture on them. I can not wait to see them! I'm pretty sure this will only be the start of many personalized stamps to come. It's such a unique touch!

Oh and by the way, we have a lady designing our blog page right now. I have been on the waiting list for a little over a month but it looks like i have another month to go so please excuse the lack of creativity! if your curious who is doing it visit her blog at- http://www.onceuponablog.org/. She has a great portfolio and does many other things besides blogs.

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