Saturday, October 17, 2009

One Month To Go!!

Today is the one month mark until our little tiger is due! I can not wait! I already started getting everything together. We went to Target and I loaded up on all their travel sized goodies! I love those things btw. Plus I read that chap-stick is a must for laboring mamas so I got plenty of that too! HA! I made a list of all the last minute things that might slip my mind (like camera charger, phone charger and video camera) and I made the daddy-to-be a list of all the important phone numbers and the order they should be called. (I know I'm acting like going into labor is similar to being knocked out... I mean my fingers will still work right?) But regardless I am determined to be prepared for anything that may happen. I currently work at the hospital that I will be giving birth at so I made sure that they know exactly where to take me if I go into labor there. There is no way I could sit at home and wait, I would go crazy!

Speaking of the big day my wonderful mom, who lives in Virginia, made her flight reservations. She is so worried that she may miss Kane's birth that she will be coming down a week and a half before his due date and will be staying for almost 4 weeks. That's a lot of mama time! I'm thrilled to have her though.

Sorry mom, not the best pic, I think you were in between cries right before my wedding!

While I was at Target I picked up some of her favorite things plus all the stuff she'll need. We have never had a guest stay over so I had to stock up the bathroom with all the necessities. It was so fun and made me feel like quite the hostess!

We also got our video camera today. We haven't opened it yet but that's on the agenda for tomorrow. We will have to go to my brother's house to try it out, his girls crack me up! Kylie, who is 4, asks me all the time where my baby is. She doesn't understand that he is in my belly. My heart melts when I see them and hear them scream my name every time I walk in. It's hard to fathom the love I'll have for my own baby.

Also God has answered one of our many requests.... Michael has a buyer for his house in Galveston. He went to UTMB for medical school and bought a house on the island for his 4 years there. It has been on the market for about 9 months but due to Ike and the economy it has been a slow process until now! Yay! Now if we can only decide what to do with all of his furniture!

I recently got the Ballard Designs Christmas magazine and I want to order everything from the leopard tree skirt to the gift box stocking holders. It is all fabulous. Those of you who don't get that mag it is a must! This year I'm changing my Christmas decor colors... bright red, lime green, orange and leopard accents! Can't wait!

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  1. I just saw the pictures of Kane's room and wow, was I blown away. You have done and INCREDIBLE job and you will create amazing memories holding your little angel in that room for sure. Congratulations again.

  2. What a great picture of you and your mama! So glad she is getting to come stay with you. Congrats on selling the house. YAY!! I bet that is a weight lifted. Hope your having a great day! = )


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