Monday, January 4, 2010

Rose Bowl

It's been way too long since I have blogged! (I think I said that last time) Anyways, we have been so busy! The holidays were amazing with our little one. I can not wait until next year when he can kind of get into it. (by that I mean fall in love with all the wrapping paper and boxes his toys come in!)

This past week we traveled to Pasadena California to honor my husbands father. He passed away December 2008 and the family chose to make him a donor. Life Gift, the organization that handles donations invited us to be a part of the Rose Bowl celebration. They had a float in the parade and it featured a picture of Dr. Miranda. We all had a great time at the parade and the boys enjoyed the game later that day.

Kane ready for the parade!

Michael's dad is at the top
Us NYE at MI Piace

A lot of my mother in laws friends joined us on our trip including Nancy who used to live there. She gave us a tour of the fabulous city! We got to see the Playboy mansion, the Hilton residence, Cindy Crawfords old house, the Spelling house and so many more things! Kane and I went shopping at Fred Segal and Kitson (and baby Kitson) just to name a few. We had lunch at the Ivy but unfortunately we didn't see any celebrities. However, my hubby saw Sophia Bush, Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart at the game. The city truly is amazing and I could spend a month there. One thing we didn't have a chance to do was go to Calabasas. Yes, I am in love (obsessed) with the Kardashian crew and I would of loved to go to Dash. Maybe next time.

I am so proud of my little trooper. He was such a good traveler and put my anxiety to ease rather quickly. I don't know how we could of done it without our Baby Bjorn. He loved the thing and so did I!
Here we are trying it out (before realizing we needed to raise Kane up) lol

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  1. What a great tribute! A good friend of mine lost her mother a few years back and they donated her organs and right before xmas that year they got the letter in the mail that told the story of all people that were helped because of her. Hope your having a great Monday! xoxo

  2. I left you something on my blog. Happy Friday!


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