Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chair Funk/ Swing Fun

So a month or so ago I ordered Kane's "my first chair" from Pottery Barn and I'm not satisfied with the color. For boys they only have denim, red and blue gingham. I ordered red but I want something different. Something fun like orange or stripes. Girls have so many more options! Really not fair. I have searched Etsy for someone who makes pottery barn chair covers and there is nothing. Etsy always has something!! So here I am, stuck with a chair (which is back ordered until after April 12) that is blah. I guess I feel this way because the boys I babysat for had all 3 colors so I'm very bored with them. Ok, enough complaining.

This is the "blah" chair but Kane's name is in navy

Look how FUN this looks! I wonder if I can get it for him this summer after he has conquered sitting. As much as he loves to splash in the bath I'm sure he will love it!

Yesterday evening Michael and I took Kane to the park. He wasn't so sure about the swing at first...

but then he loved it! (I would just touch it and he would crack up)
I'm hoping we can go to the zoo on Thursday! I ordered him a special zoo shirt that I can't wait for him to wear!
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  1. i have the blue and white gingham and i love it. He on the other hand only notices it once in a while! :( lots of things happen that way with all their little phases they go through. one minute they love it, the next time not so much.


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