Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy 5 Months Kane

Happy 5 months Kane! You are becoming a little boy right before our eyes.

You are still in size 2-3 diapers
You LOVE your jumperoo. It is by far your favorite toy
You are rolling from side to side
You love to snuggle
We have tried cereal, squash and apples. Apples are your favorite- you are eating one jar a day (mommy is going to try your baby food processor this weekend)
We had your haircut 2 days ago because you lost all of your hair in the back and your "Donald Trump comb over" was starting to look really silly. However, now it looks like you are ready to join the army!
You are taking 4-6 oz of formula at each feeding
Your two little bottom teeth are popping through your gums
We tried a sippy cup of apple juice the other day, you weren't too sure about it but you got it down
Daddy and I think you are around 20 pounds- we won't know for sure until your next appointment when your 6 months!

We love you! Happy 5 months sweet love.

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  1. What a cutie pie! Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  2. oh my gosh! i ADORE his haircut!!!!!!! he is so cute and so big!


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