Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is This Week Over Yet?

This post is NOTHING compared to my previous post about sweet Rosie but I wrote it on Tuesday so I thought I might as well post it. My problems/complaints seem so insignificant now.

We had a VERY eventful weekend. For starters, we moved. Moved into my mother-in-laws house. From previous posts you probably know that she moved this past weekend as well. My hubby found out where he was doing residency (I'll talk about that in another post) and we needed to move somewhere for only a month and a half. So we packed up our house and headed to grandmas. Let me line the story up for you first- she used to live in a 12,000 sq ft house and down sized to a 4,500 sq ft house so there was stuff EVERYWHERE!!! Boxes and boxes and boxes. Here is where the fun begins- my husband and I packed up he's little corvette and he was off with trip one. He was going to swap cars with his brother for the weekend because his brother has a SUV. On his way to his mom's new house the roof of his Corvette FLIES off on Westpark (a freeway for those of you not from the Houston area). No, he does not have a convertible and no, his Corvette is not a 100 years old. The roof literally detached from his car and found itself a new home on the opposite side of the freeway. He called me panicking because he didn't want his roof to cause an accident. I called the police and the tollway authority and they were off to pick it up. Michael's brother was not home yet so I told him I would come pick him up. We had to get Michael's car under cover before it rained so I threw Kane in the car and off we went. I knew I needed gas but there was no time for that, I was pretty sure we could make it. About halfway to his mom's when things settled down a little bit I ended up stopping to fill up the tank and realized I forgot my purse! So after all of that Michael had to come back and rescue me! Thank goodness it did not end up raining that day or I would of had to sleep on the couch that night! :) BTW Chevy will not pay for it to be fixed but that is another story.

So back home I finish packing, which I do not recommend with a crying, teething baby who wants to be held 24/7. I am too stubborn to ask for help with him because "I got it." LOL.

All together we made like 5 trips but we got everything, or so we thought.When we got to Lisa's we realized we had no mattress. We thought she was transferring the guest bedroom into our room but come to find out Ashley had taken the mattress and upgraded her bed from a double to a king. So, we called everyone we knew to go back to our house and pick up our mattress and nobody could. We ended up hiring Lisa's movers to pick it up and they delivered it around 8 pm. In the meantime, there is a walk in storage area off of our bathroom that we are going to use as a closet but it is not carpeted and there are no racks in it yet so our clothes are piled a mile high in our room awaiting the arrival of those two things.

To top it off the whole house has been sick, Michael and his brother have a stomach bug and Ashley has a sore throat. We are trying to keep Kane away from everybody so he does not get this gunk.

Monday we went to do a load of laundry and we found out the the dryer is leaking some sort of a gas. Lisa called and a man came out immediately and said it is a form of carbon monoxide so we had to walk out while he cleared the area. We obviously can not use the dryer until it is replaced. (house full of 6 people and no washing clothes)
Update** Kane had a pee pee accident on our bed so I went downstairs to wash and now the washer is leaking. LOL

We have no cell phone service at the house- it is a dead zone and Comcast messed up the home phone service so we have no phones while we are inside.

Michael has been working at River Oaks Country Club as the physician for the Clay Court Tennis match that is in town this week so I don't have much assistance from him.

Finally last night we plop into bed to get a full nights sleep and watch TV and BAM! Our tv went out. We have sound but no picture. Fantastic! I've always thought we should get back to the basics. LOL

The list goes on and on. I could name 10 more things that have gone wrong this week. I am so ready for a vacation or just a break!

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  1. Oh my gosh, what an AWFUL week you've had! That is beyond crazy about the roof of the car- and WTH won't Chevy fix that? What if it had caused a huge accident? Ugh.

    I can't wait to hear where Michael's residency brings you three!


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