Monday, May 10, 2010

Baptism Invites

A few weeks ago I went into Swoozies- it is one of those incredible stores where you go when you need a cute little something just because. The store is unfortunately closing so I decided to take advantage of their sales and get Kane's baptism invitations and a few other littles. They did not have enough of the same invitation so I got 3 different coordinating ones. They showed me their special book of sayings and I love the one I picked out. BTW I asked them if I could have their book of invitation/card sayings and they said YES!! I just have to pick it up right before they close. I love looking at invitations with cute says.

"It is our prayer that God makes Kane's tiny hands grow to be both strong and gentle, healing and creative.

That his feet carry him towards his dreams

That his young heart grows to show kindness and compassion.

And that he always demonstrates the love of God to family and friends as he travels on his journey through life."

Here are the little extras I got- Kane's are for his thank you notes and the "M" ones are for little notes. I still have my eye on some on Etsy but I guess these will do for now-

I love browsing through Target and the other week I saw these- they are storage bins with cute little faces. You could get the bins without buying the whole shelving units and they had lots of different ones! I wish we were ready for these!

Here is our little man just because I think he is too cute for words!
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