Monday, June 7, 2010

7 Months!!!!

You have changed so much this past month! Every morning I wake up wondering what new things you are going to do.

You just switched to size 4 diapers

You are crawling EVERYWHERE! I can not contain you anymore.

Your squealing is out of control. It sounds like we are in the bird section at the zoo when you get going!

You pull up on anything you can get your hands on, we had to lower your mattress the other day. That being said you also hit your head 10 times a day. Dad and I always joke that we are going to get you a helmet. You are always finding the tiniest little spot to crawl under.

You have started mimicking us. It is really cute watching you learn. You can pant like a dog and open and close your mouth after watching us. I might be your mama but I think it's pretty AMAZING!

Your walker is defiantly getting some miles on it. At first you could only go backwards but now you are all over the place! Chasing Lulu's dog is one of your favorite activities.

The other day I saw you let go of your activity table and you stood by yourself for 5 seconds!! I could not believe my eyes. I don't know if you could of done it longer or not because I yelled and it scared you.

If I put two stand-up toys perpendicular to each other you can move from one to the other.

I switched your bathtubs again, now you are in a bath ring because you kept trying to climb out of your duck. I just thought you splashed in your duck... giving you a bath is giving me a bath too.

One of your favorite activities is playing peek-a-boo while you are in your swing. You think it is so funny when I duck down and pop back up.

You are ticklish all over your body. I could tickle you all day and listen to your belly laughs.

Changing your diaper and clothes is pretty much impossible. You just want to roll around to your tummy. I have changed many diapers with you on your tummy- I'm getting quite good at it!

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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments to my post! Happy 7 months to your little man, they grow and change so fast. I remember thinking how crazy our house was when Jackson started to crawl...just wait until he's walking. It amazes me to see my son walk around our house, some days it just doesn't seem real!

    Our camera is a canon rebel, and it's amazing. I love it! I also use Lightroom for editing.


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