Sunday, July 25, 2010


i was never a cheerleader growing up, always wanted to be but i was too shy to try out. but i tell you what, one person i don't mind performing in front of is my little angel. he gets the biggest smile on his face when mama acts like a goober. nothing feels better then making your baby smile.

i am very confused now. i have kane signed up for the little gym and swim lessons but now im not so sure those are the right things for us. friday we took michael for an eye exam and 2 people (a lady in the waiting room and the dr) at different times told us to join another gym. those classes don't start until september... grrrrrrr.

2 things i would like to share... gap thermals. go get them. we did in 7 colors. (some are from the clearance section from last winter, i planned ahead) i love nothing more then a babe in layered tees. and i found this on etsy. HAVE to have. guess we better be extra nice to daddy. did i mention she has matching mittens and a scarf? too perfect for our cold winter. brrrrr

Max Robot Hat - Toddler

ohhhh, one last thing. this little number i posted about a couple weeks ago
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ya, its been discontinued- as of 2 years ago. why do i always find things that i cant get my hands on? it makes me want them so much more! well after LOTS of research i found a seller on etsy (of course) who will! he is going to do everything except put it together (so it's cheaper to ship) and paint it. wait, what? yep this mama is going to have to paint it. i have painted many things for my little man, a mirror, lots of frames, a trash can, storage boxes and picture frame mats (yep, that's right. i could not find mats that matched his room so i painted them. turned out perfect if you ask me) how can i squeeze a wedding, family/ friend visits, decorate and make final touches on his party and now put together and paint this? YIKES!!

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  1. Just wanted you to know that I LOVE your blog. I am a bad commenter... but you are such a precious mama, I love all of the things you find for Kane... he's a doll! Hope y'all have a great week!


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