Thursday, July 15, 2010

kane and i have been venturing out more to learn more about our new home. one thing i have discovered is that there are no feeder roads. i wondered why the freeways seemed so pretty and clean! it makes things a little harder to find but all in all it makes for a much prettier drive.

we have been trying to get accustomed to michael being gone so much and kane and i have both reached the same conclusion- it stinks! i feel like we never get to see him. we have been trying to savour the moments he is home and enjoy our few, precious moments together. i'm trying to find us a mommy and me play group but it's a little more difficult then i thought. i want to surround us with people like us- mommies my age instead of in their late 30's. HA

i am in a total funk. after watching kourtney kardashian work out so much to get her body back it makes me feel like not even trying. i have lost all my baby weight but this extra skin around my tummy when i bend over is just gross. why can't skin just go back to normal? how did you get your tummy back?

the other day on one of our outings we went to the container store. i must admit that i have never been there before but they had lots of cool things. i loved the colored hangers- especially the orange ones! i wish they came in kids sizes! i am one of those freaks who has all of my clothes hanging on the same color hanger. i think it makes my closet so much neater and organized. (i also have my clothes organized by type and color) HA

a few weeks ago i won a contest with sarah and abraham- she asked what we would like to see in her shop and if she chose your idea then you would get whatever it is for free. of course i recommended kid plates with their faces on them! i think it turned out really cute!

Lately kane has been climbing on everything. he is determined to get what he wants by himself. here are a few pictures that i have captured these past few days. little stinker!

sweet little angel fell asleep in his exersaucer. i stuck him in there for 5 minutes (he actually didn't protest this time) so i could brush my teeth and i came back to this...

we got our moving announcements and i just sent them out! i love how they turned out!

btw we just ran over to Nordstrom's and they are having their semi annual sale! lots of cute stuff!
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  1. When you find out how to lose the extra skin let me know! Its only been 8 weeks for me but I want my body back!!! Hope you are enjoying the new state.


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