Friday, July 23, 2010

pom poms

i have always liked pom poms as party decorations so i decided to try and make my own. it was really simple! granted it's not perfect but here is my first one. i need to fluff it more but its late and k is asleep next to me so i had to be quiet. can't wait to do more for kane's party in all different colors!

today we spent a nice little family day enjoying each other and shopping. kane got a new toy, that he adores, i got an orange polo hat and michael got some new work shoes. then we found a pappadeaux and shared a yummy plate of chicken tenders. plus for the 100th time we got asked what our son wanted to eat- people really? he is only 8 months!

michael got kane ready to go today- geez

on a side note i searched and searched today for a salon that waxes eyebrows and had to settle for a mall salon. it's been about 2 months since i've had it done. a. bc im the least hairy person on this planet and do not need it often and b. we moved and i just have not had time. well now i know why the mall is the LAST place to go when you need pampering (not that waxing is pampering but i noticed a pedicure there is 55.) my eyebrows are so thin they are pretty much not visible. seriously my eyebrows are single little hairs in a line. guess i better pull out the pencil. oh boy.

now it's movie (the hangover- redbox rocks) and snack time with the hubs. hope you enjoy your sunday.

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  1. Your pom pom looks great! How did you do it? My little man will be turning one in a few months and I NEED to know how to make them ;)!

  2. if you go to and search pom poms it will explain how.

  3. Oh, will do! Thank you!!!

  4. I love the pom poms - Danielle had them at her shower and we're doing them at Ambs party and Nikki's shower - they're so fun!


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