Tuesday, August 31, 2010

party finds

i love walking through a store and finding the most random but perfect item! better yet, i love having the thought, "i wish i could find this...." and then not long after you do without even looking for it! case and point- i found this little book for kane's party and thought to myself this would be great to have at his party and have all of his guests sign it to remember his 1st birthday. not only will he be able to look back and see his guests but he can also keep track of his golf scores as he grows. how fun is that? so while on that train of thought i said to myself "i wish i could find a golf pen or something. too bad a typical golf pencil won't work." the thought went in and out of my mind. i didn't even google it. well today we went to party city to return bubbles that i got as a party favor but decided his little guests had enough gifts (wow, off topic) and we walked next door to pier 1 and i saw this!!!! love how stuff just works out sometimes!

i just got done ordering kane the most adorable birthday hat. i have never seen another one like it and i am so in love! he won't wear it to his party but he will for his 1 year pictures. we have another perfect one for his party picked out!

this is too adorable!

i would love to get kane this for his birthday! i found this months ago but figured since i missed giving it to him when he was born the next best would be for his 1st birthday. i think it's what got the ball rolling for the whole golf theme. i would not put his stats on it but i would have it say his name and happy 1st birthday. plus the length of the club is the height of your child. lucky for me kane is not taller then 30".

i have also decided to make a cut-out for kane's birthday. i have always loved the idea of having them at parties. maybe it will become "my thing". although i have another idea too. maybe i'll end up doing both! just more things to add to my list of things to do in 24 hours! here is my rough draft. lol don't laugh.

i saw these today at hallmark and i think they would be neat to get for kane's gma's. not for them to keep but for them to record themselves reading them and give them back to kane. neither grandma lives close to us so it would be a little something for kane to have to remind him of them.

speaking of that i have a very cool surprise i'll talk about later this week if i get it by then. i'm so excited about it!!! i hope the people it's for love it!

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