Wednesday, September 1, 2010


after reading this blog i started looking through my etsy favorites again and i want this

Baby Book

kane does not have a real baby book. gasp. i know. i'm a horrible mom. i got a beautiful book made while i was pregnant with the hopes it would be his scrapbook. i was just going to scrapbook his baby book if that makes since. after thinking about it i decided to make that book his first photo book though. he was given a barnes and noble type of book from one of michael's friends and i just decided to record everything in there. well now i'm having major regrets! i looked back through my etsy baby books i had marked and am desperatly wanting this one. sigh. maybe one day i can justify spending $75 on it. just not today.

on a better note- i went to the dr today and when the doctor wasn't looking i jumped on the scale. after having a scale in houston i decided to pack it up with most of our things and put it in storage. i figured no need to obsess with my weight. if it hadn't come off in the previous 7 months since having a baby it wasn't going to. MUCH to my delight i weigh 7 pounds less then i did when i got pregnant! i'm pretty sure the scale was just off because i have eaten enough cookies, cupcakes, banana pudding and ice cream sandwiches for 10 people. for now however, i'll go with it and enjoy the number!

i ordered this little number for kane's party. how could i not? it's perfect. plus it was $10 with shipping.

i was going to wait until kane's 10 month update to update his stats but he is changing so fast i'm afraid i will forget.

he will not eat baby food anymore. i scoop it in and he spits it out
he is so into textures. he is always sticking his arms out to touch things. we have almost gotten in trouble several times bc those little curious fingers have come close to knocking things down.

pacifier is back. boo. i brought it back at 3 am one morning and ever since he wants it when he wakes up.

this kind of does into the texture category- he has lots of little balls. ones that make noise, some are bumpy, some are colorful and some are shiny. if i put them all together he ALWAYS goes for the shiny ones. lol can't say dad is thrilled.

tags. the babe is obsessed with tags. tags on his blanket, toys, clothes... it doesn't matter. he wants it. i could put a stack of clothes with tags still on next to a dancing dog offering kane a treat and he would still want the clothes with tags.

i am losing my good shopper. he wants down, out and nothing to do with an indecisive mommy. grrr. makes getting things done so hard since i have no help here.

having MAJOR stranger anxiety. oh my goodness. we were mailing off a package at the post office monday and i nice looking, middle aged man standing behind me started talking to kane. kane started screaming. i started sweating. ewww. i know. but i was at a loss. i put him down, picked him up, gave him my keys, gave him my phone, offered a treat... nothing calmed him down. he kept looking at the man and screaming. i was so embaressed. to play it off i kept saying "he doesn't know what you want either." lol i had nothing else. maybe my son has a 6 sense and can read people. maybe he was a bad man.? i dunno. i just wanted out of there. btw as soon as i was done and we walked out he was fine! laughing, smiling the whole bit!

love this!

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