Thursday, September 30, 2010

kid or puppy?

yesterday as i was cruising the internet and kane was reading to himself i smelled an odor. i knew it was poo. totally into what i was reading i decided that kane probably just started and i would give him 5 more minutes to finish. so 5 minutes later i picked him up, threw him in the air, gave him kisses and went to change him. mmmm hmmmm... poo EVERYWHERE!!!! on me, on him, on my bed and gasp.... on our couch!!!! we had a poop explosion people. i told you yesterday in my 100 things that i wanted new furniture- hubby can we please get a new LEATHER couch so clean up will be easier and more sanitary? let me explain how it got on our couch. i had just fixed kane a bottle and he always leans on the couch while he drinks it so we had a foot long area of poo. i cleaned it up with water and a rag and called the hubby. he told me to go get pet cleaner because we could get sick if i didn't get it all. that's what i did. pet cleaner to pick up kid poo. being the mom of a boy just gets better everyday. :) i took a picture but it's quite gross. i did send it to michael :) surprise hubby! not a sweet picture of your baby but rather your baby's poo. enjoy.

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  1. oh no, I can't even laugh at this 'cause it could be me tomorrow!

  2. Oh my Jamie, what an experience! Something like this happened to my mom with my little brother at church. She was mortified! Boys will be boys... ;-)


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