Monday, October 11, 2010

kane is 11 months!

i'm a couple days late but i have just not been into blogging! ugh. maybe it's because i'm still waiting for my new hard drive. i would have gotten it a while ago but i need the disc i got when i bought my computer. unfortunately i have moved 5 times? since i got my computer and at this point that disc could be in storage in houston, at my MIL's house or our old house. yes, we have things scattered. so i am going to try and wait to get the hard drive until we get back from houston so i can search for it.

you are 11 months sweet baby!!!

best shot i could get.
too funny not to post. he didn't want to have his picture taken. sweet boy wanted to run around. this was actually the first one i got.
what's kane doing these days?

we traded gerber snacks for Cheerios and he loves them! however, i find Cheerios everywhere! lol i put them in his little cup that has a top but he still manages to spill them. my car should be on a Cheerios commercial!

he spins around in circles when you say "spin!" so funny! i will post the video later

he has given up his paci again. he wants nothing to do with it.

we are still practicing using a straw. he understands if i'm holding the straw in my cup but when i let him try it in his own cup he drinks it like a bottle.

he had his first french fry yesterday and he loved it! i wiped all the salt off but it was still a huge hit!

taking his picture is impossible now. he just runs away! as you can tell from above.

we gave him his milk in a sippy cup yesterday- he spit it out. it was the funniest thing. you could tell he was thinking "where is my juice or water? this isn't right!"

he just got his upper 1 year molars. poor kid still only has 2 teeth on the bottom.

he loves watching dora in the morning. we sing and dance with her- thank goodness no one can see me. haha!

his diet consists of...

toast and bananas in the morning with juice

for lunch he has fruit, cheese, veggies, rice, potatoes or pasta and chicken with water to drink (obviously not all at once- we change it up)

dinner he has pretty much whatever we have as long as it's not spicy

snacks include- cottage cheese, cheese slices, avocado and cheerios.

he is such a big help now. he loves to "help" me load and unload the dishwasher, open mail and fold laundry.

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