Wednesday, October 13, 2010


i just officially placed my order for party items with chick-a-bug on etsy. i have to tell you, she is amazing! i have changed my mind on things so many times though she probably thinks i'm annoying or just plain crazy. ha!

if i found $500 in my couch cushions i would buy these.

i have had this in my kane holiday file for a year now- i hope i can pull it off. i may be a year too early considering how the grandparents day cards went.

i just had a great idea... buy used disney dvds off of ebay. too bad every one and their mom had the same idea. the dvds in bulk that i want all have at least 20 bids. let's face it, i'll never win unless i put in a huge bid. maybe i'll contact the people i used to babysit for and see if they will sell me theirs. blah.

i really wish kane could sit through a movie because i want to see megamind. maybe michael will babysit. :)

my mom is coming next week!!!
ohhh, maybe my mom will babysit. wait, i don't think it will be out yet.

i am almost done with kane's party!!! well, just ordering things for it- but still this is huge. btw- i just LOVE receiving things in the mail that i ordered! so silly but i feel like a kid at christmas opening my gifts. haha!

i love the idea of having these cute little cardboard cars at kane's birthday.
i have seen these at other parties and would love to copy them but i'm afraid they would not be used. maybe at his 3rd birthday??? note to self- third party needs to be about things that "go"- lol. why am i already planning his 3rd party?
mini little golf carts sure would be cute for the older kids coming to his party. maybe i'll find the time to do a few. too adorable to pass up.

very random- do you guys watch keeping up with the kardashians? i LOVE khloe's entry way with all the mirrors! love-love-love huge framed mirrors!!!

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  1. I'm smiling at your post- I had the same genius plan about Sesame Street DVDs. I found some used ones for REALLY cheap on Amazon! Check them out! Yes, I love the Kardashians- Kourtney is my fav (maybe due to cute Mason ;) ). Can't wait to see how Kane's party turns out!

  2. thanks for the LINK! how cute is ellas shirt??? allison did such a great job. and your blog is SO CUTE!! and your son. to die for!


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