Wednesday, November 3, 2010

so much to say

i have so much to blog about and im afraid if i don't get it done before kane's party it just won't get done! so sit down and get ready to read this so called blog that is our life.

we have been super busy- swim lessons, library classes, little gym classes, park dates.... it has been so much fun. we have met some great people. although i do have to say everyone except 2 are grandparents watching their grandchildren. lol. maybe it's the area we live in? how nice that the grandparents are able/willing to not only watch the kids but do fun things with them. go them!

taking a break at the park and enjoying some cheerios

kane's party is sunday!!! it's the moment of truth. will everything come together like i have envisioned? to be honest i'm really nervous. i only have hours to pull it together for my little man. (and a daddy who is begging to sleep in every morning because this is his ONLY week of vacation all year)

here is the first thing i am THANKFUL for this november- besides my family, health, etc- the hospital michael works at was told they will be shut down next year unless they follow the hour guidelines the drs can work. this is huge!!! they have been working them so hard and so many hours. we will finally be able to see michael again. it's pathetic when you have to carve a pumpkin a week before halloween because it's the only time he was available. (i kind of like this I'M THANKFUL thing- maybe i'll do one every time i blog in novemeber) ha!

kane got his 3rd haircut today. he is looking pretty cute! little guy is a champ at getting them now. doesn't even shed a tear! that's my boy!

this is what you call bed head!

handsome boy!!

it has been freezing here! not kidding. at night it gets as low as 30 degrees. and get this- friday morning is kane's surgery you know- not only are we worried about him, anxious about having a crying baby who can not eat but now we have to deal with SNOW! yep, it's supposed to snow friday morning. as of a few days ago michael told me he would not be able to come with us because they would not let him off until 9 but now that these new guidelines will be enforced he wil make it! see it is something to be thankful over! i was going to call a taxi because me and the first snow of the year on the way to my baby's operation just were not going to mix.

last week we had horrible weather. there were tornado warnings/watches (couldn't even tell you the difference! lol) you could not even see through the heavy rain. just horrible. well, all of a sudden i hear the disaster alarm going off (the town we live in has one for tornado
w-(hatever)- all i know is they test them the first wed of the month) i immediately start crying (lol) and call michael. he told me to get kane and sit in the bathtub. haha. that's what we did. haha! poor baby was sound asleep when all this happened so he was so afraid. i have never been so scared of a storm in my whole life! oh one thing i should mention- everything in cincinnati is old. i mean OLD! all i could think about was the tornado sucking us up like in the wizard of oz. lol. but glad to report we are a ok!

we made kane's turkey shirt! i could not be happier with it. surprisingly we didn't even make a mess! thank you lullaby lubbock for your great idea!

halloween was so much fun. we went down a less busy street and let kane walk around. he loved checking everyone out. we couldn't stay out long because it was so cold and kane can't get sick before his surgery. if you can believe it these pictures were taken at 6:30-7. it gets so dark so early here.

daddy holding your hand
look at that smile!
candy for daddy!
so independent- who needs mom and dad??!!

kane loves to dig around in his toy chest. you can't really tell in these pics but he was stuck. his little feet were dangling. i could not help but grab a quick picture before i ran to his rescue. lol such a silly boy.

look at that face.
solution- we just dump it over
look at that drool

i forgot to post the pics of my moms visit. you are all probably on overload i'll only show you one.

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  1. He is too cute!! Difference between a watch and a warning- a way means the conditions are favorable for a tornado, and warning means one has been spotted and get to a safe location. I hope that helps!


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