Wednesday, January 26, 2011

relaxing with a good book

i had the sweetest mom contact me yesterday and ask me about kane's hole in 1 par-tee. her son is about to turn 1 and she wanted all the scoop! i LOVE party planning. i probably scared her with all my info, sources and ideas. haha.

this is kane's new favorite way to read books by himself. it cracks me up how he has the book resting on his knee.
this book has buttons that plays songs and kane has just found out how to press them himself. the little jingle is pretty much a constant sound in our house now. lucky me.
my whole entire life!!!! love him so much!
these are the chicken pot pies we made the other day. they were actually very good and i would like to think pretty healthy since i made them.
perfect little portions for kane

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  1. You creativeness just makes me ooze jealously! He is such a cutie with that book!

  2. yes, please send me that recipe too! Ambs has some Dora books with the sounds like that too, she loves them!


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