Wednesday, January 5, 2011

straggler pics

i was going through my pictures and i realized i had so many that were stragglers so that's what you get for a post today!

it cracks me up how he has his leg thrown over the side of his chair.

since kane's toys take up half of the living room i thought it was only fitting to mark his territory

i made him this blanket that was supposed to be one of his valentine gifts but i couldn't resist so he got it last week. love the fabric!!

such a cutie!

today at the park- he looks so young!

we went to the park last week to meet up with a mama and little boy we met back in nov but they couldn't come at the last minute... so we played and had a blast!

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  1. i saw a bunch of lil' robot things in those dollar bins at target today and thought of little Kane. That and orange remind me of him now. lol


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