Wednesday, March 2, 2011

we are still here

sorry to leave all of you hanging lately. there have been lots of things going on!

-my mom and step dad are moving back to houston after being gone for 10 years! crazy! he lost his job 8 months ago and has been unemployed ever since. thankfully, the company he used to work for in houston wants him back! we are so excited! can you say FREE BABYSITTER??!!! maybe michael and i can go on a few dates here and there!

-my MIL had a cancer scare. the doctors told her it was probably cancer and then made her wait a couple weeks before having biopsy. thank the lord it was a benign mass. so incredibly thrilled!

- my aunt and uncle just moved into their dream home last october and my uncle got laid off 3 weeks ago. things for them have been so stressful. please say a prayer that he is able to find something. they have 3 children at home and just bought all new furniture for their home. this could not of come at a worse time.

- kane and i are coming to houston next tuesday! we are so excited! i would be lying if i said i was comfortable with flying alone with kane. he is VERY wild and into everything. i'm not quite sure how i will be able to get us, the stroller, luggage, diaper bag, my bag, the car seat through the airport. can someone just knock me out and wake me up once we land?! i'm really hoping we sit next to nice people who understand and maybe even help. i'm debating if i should bring my laptop for kane to watch a movie. is it just something else to go through security and dig in my bag for? or will it be a lifesaver? any tips, suggestions? my brother told me to take kane to the dr to get meds that will knock him out. lol i think my brother is thinking of dogs. scary to think he has full custody of my 3 nieces. that being said, i am so excited to see my sweet girls!! we have so many fun things planned during our trip!

to my methodist mamas- we will be stopping by to say hello! i'll call to find a good time! i hope everyone will be there!

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  1. lol about your brother. typical man...

  2. Let me know when you are at Methodist, and maybe we can come see you two. I just read your post! I have been MIA too. happy early birthday!! I saw on FB, but you can't post on your wall so I am posting here. :)


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