Friday, July 8, 2011

First Week

On our drive down I sat in the back to entertain Kane. Between, monkey dance shows, movies, books and the ipad he did an awesome job! Poor Michael had to hear me sing the whole way home... monkey needed some form of music to dance to. :)

My super sweet voice finally put him to sleep.
The following day we finally got to see our house in person.
This backyard is going to get lots of use!
That night we went back to my MIL's house to celebrate Michael's 29th birthday! We had to keep festivities minimal because he was cramming for his Step 3 test. Take out Escalante's and chocolate cake works for me any day of the week!
Aunt Ashley, Kane and Michael.
Michael got golf lessons and a pass at River Oaks Country Club for his birthday.
My MIL's birthday is just a few days after Michael's, so for 1 of her celebrations we had a girls (+kane) lunch at Tiny Boxwoods.
We finally got to meet Ella! She is 8 weeks old but still so tiny. I'm pretty sure a girl looks good in my arms :)
Kane loved meeting the BAY-BE.

Sweet boy checking her out. Future husband and wife!

Aunt Ash and Kane

Birthday Lulu and Kane

We totally forgot about his golf cart that we got him for his birthday, so we pulled it out and away he rocked. I'm so glad he likes it so much!

Throwing golf balls for Lulu's dogs.

Happy Friday!

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