Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kane's Super Party Details

We had so much fun at Kane's party! I love celebrating my guy and making his day (week) fabulous. My birthday memories are something I will always cherish and I hope I can make Kane's just as special. After all, it's the one time a year where all your loved ones get together to celebrate you!

Since I have many party pictures I thought I would split them up into two posts...
detailed pictures and pictures of Kane and his guests.

This was the main party table inside
He had to use his super hero powers to blow out the candle before the bomb exploded!

I got sparkler candles months before at the Taste of Texas and gave them to the bakery to use as the fuse. Not only did she not use them, but she threw them out. I was not very happy.
POPcorn for little fingers to munch on
and dynamite sticks were passed out as favors.
This table was in the entry way. People could sign his super hero book and grab a treat.
We had ring POPS, lifesavers (bc every superhero saves lives), and twizzler whips.
I made Kane this personalized book from Paper Hat Press. It truly is the most adorable book.
The kids had an art wall they could color on,
and superheroes they could personalize.

This was a photo backdrop that you could pose in front of. We had signs and weights you could hold to show your super powers off!

Of course, there was a telephone booth where the kids changed into their super identity.
All of the custom super hero capes... thanks to Stephanie, who did an outstanding job!
Present nook

Outside we had the food and drinks set up on these tables.

All the kids were served fruit in these super cute cups.

These were super glow-in-the-dark straws. You had to use your superhero abilities snap and shake them so they would glow.

bomb drinks... one of my favorites.

The food table...
we had chicken salad croissants, tenderloin sandwiches, 2 kinds of pasta salad, a veggie tray, and fruit salad.

I loved these little guys. I have been saving them off of a card for 2 years now.
The kids table- they had peanut butter and jelly cut-outs, fruit, and individual mac and cheese cups.

I made these with the cutest cookie cutter ever
There was also kryptonite were only able to drink it if you were a real superhero.

Tables set up for the adults... with their own placemats

The kids table
Kane had his very own placemat

and birthday chair
another photo-op area. I made it out of a sheet

There was also a "paint a skyscraper" area. I had paint pens, paint, and aprons available for the kids to paint the buildings.
Thank you everyone who came or wished him a happy birthday! I think Kane had a great birthday!

Thank you Stephanie for making the capes and Chelsea for helping me set up!


  1. You did a FABULOUS job! I'm sure your super son loved it!

  2. Such a cute party! I want to do a superhero party for one of my son's future bdays. I'm sure it won't be this elaborate because I'm not that crafty, but I just may use it for inspiration. I hope you don't mind that I pinned this on Pinterest. :)

  3. JAMIE!!!!! This party looks amazing!!! You left NO detail undone, I am in awe of your creativity and ability to get all of that together!! GREAT job Mama!! xoxo

  4. Oh my gosh, this is awesome. So over the top, and I love it!! Looks like he had a ball.


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