Monday, November 14, 2011

wedding shower

My little sister, Krista and her husband, Ben were in town this past week visiting family and meeting Kane! When my mom and stepdad moved back from Virginia Krista decided to stay. She has lived there since she was 10, so Virginia is home to her. Before my mom moved, Krista and Ben decided to get married so they could live together. They have been dating for 5 years and wanted to make it official. Since my stepdad had to move right away once he got a job, Krista and Ben decided to go to the courthouse to get married. Sooooo, we threw her a wedding shower while she was in town!

They were totally shocked! They thought they were only having brunch with our grandparents.

My grandma is so creative and made a game out of it. For Christmas, my grandma always makes us hunt for our presents with clues that she gives us. This event was no different!

Random- as we were searching for her clues I saw this sweet picture. It is of my mom and aunt when they were little girls.

Kane was their helper and picked up all the clues! I spy something red!

Up the stairs they go...

and back down and into the car.

Final stop was the front door

The clue led Kane to the pantry where a "pot-of-gold" was waiting.

The little delivery boy did such a great job!

Since they had to fly home, we got them gift cards and some money honey!

How gorgeous is my aunt and my 11 year old cousin!

The family watching Krista and Ben open all their cards.

Kane watching the golfers outside.

Krista and Ben with the party pro!

Kane and my cousin rockin' their Toms.

That vacuum belonged to my brother when he was little... he's 31 now!

Kane loved hanging out with the big boys!
Kane, RJ and Brett

We had so much fun celebrating Krista and Ben!

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