Thursday, December 15, 2011

elf on the shelf

This year we decided to jump on the bandwagon and get an elf on the shelf. At first I was very skeptical of it because I did not want Kane to behave just because Santa was watching. My sister-in-law got an elf the first year it was out and basically threatened the kids with it. I knew I did not want to do that, but still wanted to participate. This year, Kane holds and plays with the elf. We don't really play by the books. It is just a fun activity that we both enjoy. Here are a few pictures of where Kane has found Sheldon since December 1st.

We had a mini kick-off breakfast on December 1st. We were both terribly sick and this is all I had the energy for.

Our plates and cups ready for Christmas tree pancakes and milk.

Introducing Kane and Sheldon. Michael named Sheldon... Michael's favorite TV show is "the big bang theory" and Sheldon is a hilarious character on it.

Sheldon came with his very own name badge

and a letter to Kane.

"keeping my eyes on you!"

December 2nd
We found Sheldon taking a ride on the train.

December 3rd
Sheldon admiring Kane's past Christmas pictures.

December 4th
Hanging out

December 5th
Racing his friends

December 6th
Replacing a broken ornament

December 7th
Rocking out with Elmo

December 8th
sliding down the race track

December 9th
See next post :)

December 10th
Working construction

December 11th
Singing along with Jessica Simpson's Christmas album

December 12th
Watching Monday night football!
December 13th
Helping farmer Jed transport the animals

December 14th
Pirate Sheldon sailing the high seas!

December 15th
Today was national cupcake day...Sheldon helped himself to Kane's cupcake.
Stay tuned for the rest of Sheldon's shenanigans!

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