Monday, December 12, 2011

our tree

Despite having lost most of our Christmas decor in our move, I have loved decorating our house this year. Christmas has a whole new meaning this year because of Kane. It warms my heart for him to stand back and look at our tree and say "pretty". I would keep it up all year just to hear him say that if I wouldn't look like a crazy person. ha!

our tree

My mom got Kane a train that goes around our tree. I was worried that he would mess with it constantly, but he has been so good about just watching it. My brother had a train around the tree in his room growing up, so I'm excited to pass this along to my son.

Some of our wrapped presents

One tradition that I got from my grandmother, is framing past Christmas pictures. I loved going through Kane's past 2 Christmas albums and picking my favorites! I hope this next year I can get a few from my childhood as well as Michael's and have those out next Christmas.
Please excuse our dining chairs, I want to have them recovered, but I bought them new, so it's taking a little longer than usual to recover all 6 chairs! The fabric defiantly doesn't flow with the room.

I made the table runner and the tree skirt...thanks to pinterest for the tree skirt idea!

I saw this idea on pinterest too. It's a felt tree with felt ornaments. Kane loves taking the ornaments on and off of it.
Since Kane's tree was lost in our move, I decided instead of replacing it and decorating his room, I would decorate his playroom.
Erin from Blue-Eyed Bride got this nativity set for her boys and I instantly fell in love with it! I think it's a perfect fit for his playroom. He always points to the wise man with the black beard and says "dad". ha!

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  1. can i please come over? your house is BREATHTAKING!!!!! i love your tree and all of these cute traditions!


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