Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Test

After the baby shower, we put Kelly to work predicting the sex of our future babies. She has done this on countless people and it has been correct on all but one! She even gets the same results when she tests it on the spouses.

My prediction is 3 kids total
Kane (obviously) followed by 2 girls! :) Best of both worlds, so I couldn't be happier! Time will tell how accurate it is!

Then it was Danielle's turn,

Nikki's turn,

and Chelsea's turn. Chelsea got one more baby girl.

The test was accurate for Kelly's MIL, who has 1 son,

and the family friend who doesn't have kids.

Now if I can get her to test it on Michael to see if we match up!


  1. D and I match up! Would love for her to do it on M!

  2. We haven't done ANY of the gender predicting tests. Not because we don't want to "try" to find out...but just because we don't know how. I would love for Kelly to let us know. Like yesterday :)


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