Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chloe's Birthday

My sweet family has A LOT of January birthdays. 7 to be exact. It's pretty much a family rule that no future babies can be born in January. ha! kidding.... well, kind of.

My adorable niece Chloe celebrates her birthday first, on January 8th.
Kane and I took her a birthday lunch suitable for a superstar-
chocolate milk, chili cheese hot dog and fries. Yum.

Kane got his first taste of chocolate milk. Sweet boy kept repeating "chocolate milk" while I was ordering. I could not resist.

The night before, we actually all met at Brio for her birthday dinner. I'm sure the hostess fell over when she saw 4 adults come in with 7 kids... all under 10.

Ashlyn and my niece Kylie.

All the kids checking out Chloe's gifts.

Love them so much!
Adorable sisters- Cadyn and Chloe

Chloe and her BFF

My brother and two of his girls. He is such a good dad... melts my heart!

Cadyn, Chloe, Sarah, Uncle Danny and Kane.

Uncle Danny got Kane his very own ice cream. He was in HEAVEN!

Happy Birthday sweet Chloe!

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