Thursday, May 17, 2012

Despicable Me Movie Night

Kane's favorite movie currently is Despicable Me. He would watch it every single day if I let him. I realized a few weeks ago that we haven't had a movie night in awhile, so I thought this would be the perfect one. 

We sat down with stuffed crust pizza (also in the movie) and got our movie night started.

I made Kane his very own squid launcher 

and an alien that he had to knock down.

He kept trying to knock it down with the squid launcher. Not exactly how they do it in the movie, but who cares.

He was so excited when he finally knocked it down!

He loves his "big bug" shirt!

 I made minions out of twinkies as an after dinner treat. 
(idea from Pinterest)

First and only bite of a twinkie. :)

I also made him a box of Coconutties, but I ended up eating those!

Michael and my minion posing in the boxes of shame.

I can not even look at this picture without laughing! Such a little actor.

We had such a great time and can not wait for Despicable Me 2 to come out!

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