Monday, November 26, 2012

K.M. Builders (party details)

My precious little guy turned 3 on November 9th! In true Kane fashion, we threw him a construction party. He is in love with tractors, so this party was a hit!

As guests arrived they were greeted by his company sign.

This was the sign in table. I asked for all the guests to sign one of Kane's tractor books as a keepsake.

One of my favorite details, is the wrench pen with a piece of ruler ribbon tied to it! The dump truck was his party invitation this year.

The dessert table!

The kids each got personalized measuring tapes of bubble gum, sucker wrenches and construction cones full of popcorn.

One of the biggest hits were the dirt cups with wooden spoons! 

The cake was held up on a piece of plywood and 4 construction cones and the cake knife was a saw! In my opinion, it's all about the detail!

The cake was served on these plates with tool belt forks. 

Each guest got a personalized toolbox full of tools and a construction hat.
I used a piece of plywood and sawhorses for this table.

The drink table... I just had to have these cute construction cone cups!

Again, I took advantage of the theme and used plywood to hold the water bottles.

 The construction vests with name tags on each one

 With the help of my mom's handy neighbor, I made 2 barricades for the party. 

Kane's Aunt Ashley got him this adorable plate and utensil set for his birthday. 
Each place setting had a coloring placemat for the kids.

Each table had a "toolbox" runner going down the middle. Loved this find at Hobby Lobby!

 There were many stations for the kids to play at. This one was a coloring table. I contacted a local builder and he kindly gave me a stack of blueprints for the kids to color.

Months before the party, I purchased the tractor canvases at Michael's.

This station had styrofoam "wooden logs" for the kids to hammer "nails" into. 

We had a painting station for the kids to paint a house.

Cute aprons so the kids didn't get their clothes dirty.

 There was a tractor pinata, so these were the candy bags.

 We had a "brick" wall that the kids could throw balls at to knock it down.

And finally, we had a large dirt pit with ALL of Kane's tractors for the kids to play in.

Next up, the party and all the guests!
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