Monday, November 26, 2012

K.M. Builders (time to party)

Get ready for picture overload!

My sweet family!
Kylie looking for her construction vest 

(no tractors were purchased for this party... Kane is just spoiled rotten by my mom!)

First painter to report to duty!

The one and only birthday boy!
I purchased construction style boots for Kane to wear, but he insisted that he wanted to wear his 'fast shoes'! Birthday boy won that battle!

Landon hard at work on the blueprints

Brad and Kane busting down the wall!

The construction fence worked perfectly! Not only did it keep kids from running in the street, but it added to the construction look!Win win in my book!

Bella, Zach and Kane

Sweet Zach playing with his tools and tractors

Amberly, Blake and Kane hard at work hammering the nails!

I'm so glad this precious girl got to come to Kane's party!

Aunt Chelsea signing Kane's book

Landon and Chloe goofing off!

Violet checking out all the desserts!

Peyton watching all the kids run around

What a masterpiece! ha!

Aunt Ashley and Kane! 

Sweet girls!

Brody was too busy working to stop for a picture!

Since Uncle Danny has done a few pinatas with his 5 kids, we put him in charge! 

Brad giving it his all!

The final blow came from RJ. He demolished that poor thing!

Up until this point every last detail was perfect! It didn't even cross my mind that we needed candles for his cake! The only we could come up with were Lulu's tea light candles! ha!

Those cheeks!

Cousin Chloe asked to cut the cake... ask and you shall receive!

Some of Kane's adult party guests...

Aunt Char and cousin Brooke!

Mrs. Herrera and Mrs. Tippit (aka his 3rd grandma)

Brooke, Chloe, Kylie and Aunt Char

Aunt Holly and (soon to be) Uncle Paul!

My big 3 year old ready for bed in his construction pjs and book! 

We are so very blessed by our friends and family! It warms my heart to know that Kane has so much love surrounding him. We are thankful for everyone that helped us celebrate our precious son as he turned 3!
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