Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just a Sneak Peak

I have so many ideas for this baby sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode! So I thought I would blog about them all and share them with you guys. 

Here is a highchair i saw on a website:
I thought it was the cutest thing ever so im gonna copy it! I found a wooden highchair online that i like so once i get it I am going to paint it red. Then i went on a hunt for the fabric and this is what i found:

The plaid is for the ruffle and the ties.
 I can not wait to get everything and see the finished product! i hope it turns out as well as i have planned. 
While searching online for ideas i came across the boys version of a bed crown:

I think it will turn out great, I just need to find a fabric that matches the bedding. Speaking of bedding here is our baby bed. Michael's mom bought it for us and we love it! It is something that we can keep in our family for generations. 

For the actual bedding we have decided on a white and blue dupioni silk. We thought about doing toile but Michael thought it looked to girlish. 

We first saw this bedding at Nest and Cot but it was 1,000 + dollars! It's made by a designer named Lulla Smith, she has done baby rooms for multiple celebrities.  However, i found the fabric on ebay so we are having it made. The good thing about this fabric as opposed to the toile is this is more of a baby blue then a grey blue so finding matching things will be a lot easier! 

One of my favorite places to find clothing, hats, art, etc is They have so many unique pieces! If I could buy everything I want I would have no money for diapers! I'll share more of my ideas later. Have a good day! 

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