Sunday, August 23, 2009

Almost Ready for Baby!

This week we have gotten so many things accomplished. We ordered our rocker and ottoman yesterday thanks to my wonderful grandma! Michael and grandma decided the chair should be blue so I'm a little nervous but I'll have faith! 

I completed the shower invites with the adorable stamps I ordered! 

Yes, that is Mr. Kane Miranda! I discovered these on Snapfish the other day and now I'm obsessed! I want to make stamps out of everything! 

I ordered some of his Christmas attire to match the bib and shoes i got for him at Ava Grace. I saw them about two months ago there and they were on sale for $4 each! I couldn't pass them up! I'll post the outfits when I get them! Too cute!

Oh and yesterday, I went with my sister-in-law Liz to Cakes by Gina, if anybody needs a fab cake they are your place. (she did my wedding cake too!) We ordered the most adorable cake for Kane's baby shower! The shower will be circus themed and it's going to be so cute! 

Of course we changed the colors to primary colors but this is pretty much what it will look like! Love the flags on the top of the tent! 

I also did some of the party favors... my aunt and sister-n-law are going to KILL me! LOL I can not help it though! It's my first baby and I want to do it all! Unless of course they totally object. The lollipops are only one party favor, next step carmel apples! 

This past Thursday I went with Michael and his family to a Life Gift dedication for his father and others. It was very touching. There was quite a turn out of families. However, they forgot to include a picture of Michael's father on the slide show so it was a little disappointing. I had my camera ready to go and nothing happened. They passed him right up! His mom did receive a rose and a plaque. 

There is another dedication at Dr. Miranda's ER clinic this Thursday so we are all excited for that. I'll be sure to post those pictures!

This past week we had our 27th week doctor appointment. This is the one were they tested me for diabetes and iron levels. We have not received the results yet so keep your fingers crossed that everything will be ok! They also told us that i have to start counting little ones kicks. I don't think that will be a problem because he likes to pretend he is David Beckham in there! He kicks all the time. Friday though he got the hiccups for the first time! It was the funniest feeling EVER! I can't wait to meet him but i sure will miss being pregnant. I have had no issues at all except the fact that i have developed carpal tunnel in my right hand. My sweet grandma went and bought me a brace. It is so weird to wear! I makes me look like I'm ready to go into the ring to box!

Oh, did I fail to mention that I have gained 21 pounds! It's hard to believe that this little baby has to gain 5-6 more pounds himself so 21 is quickly going to jump up! 

We finally went and picked up our wedding album and picture! I'm in love with them! I just need to find a gorgeous frame for the picture.  The studio loved our pictures so much they made an album for their store! Talk about the ultimate compliment! He also asked me to go to the next bridal extravaganza and stand at his booth. He will have a large picture of us and his album! He said he will do free photos of the baby so of course I'm in!

One more thing i thought i would share with you. I ordered an embosser! I love anything monogramed! I had a stamp a few years ago and I liked it but I thought i would try something new! I thought it would be perfect for all of the things we would be sending out this year! 

Well my aunt is on her way over to take some shots of us with this growing belly. I'll post those pics along with  more pictures of all the adorable outfits next time. Including his Thanksgiving outfits!  

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