Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crazy Few Weeks!

Last week we were invited to Michael's dad's ER for a tribute to him. It was a very touching experience because we were all there with him two years ago when he opened the doors. He was so excited about the growth of his company and so proud of the beautiful center he helped create. Dr. Oei invited all of the investors and fellow physicians to reveal the beautiful plaque created in honor of Dr. Miranda. 

The beautiful center he created

 Dr. M cutting the ribbon two years ago. 

Dr. Miranda, Dr. Murray, Dr. Oei and Dr. Cesta

The Miranda family last week in front of the plaque

Plus the newest two additions

I am so thankful that Dr. Miranda introduced Michael and I. Looking back I am so honored that he thought enough of me to set me up with his son. He was a  remarkable man who achieved so much in his short life. He was an inspiration to everyone he knew. 

Ok, ok, ok on to something lighter... Michael and I have been getting all of our "Kane" orders in and its been so exciting seeing everything! I'll share some of the fun things we have gotten so far... 

Here is a little Santa outfit I got for our Christmas photos! It has a matching hat too! LOVE the rolls on the baby!

I ordered these outfits on but I think, ok I know, they will all be too big. I knew better but i couldn't resist! I have not decided what to do quite yet. 

We finally got in the scrapbook cover I had custom made but they put the wrong initials on it so it had to go back! What's another 6 weeks? LOL

You can't tell from the pic but it has a small ruffle around the edges and a tie where the book opens. So pretty. I told Michael after the first year Kane will be his but he is my sweet baby until then! 

Have you guys ever heard of ETSY? It is the best website ever! I have ordered so many things from them. Here are some gowns I just got in yesterday...

I LOVE anything monogramed! So these are right up my alley! I also bought a robe I can take with me when I deliver. Working at a hospital I am very aware how cold it can get, especially in November!

The picture did not turn out so great but it's a baby blue robe with "KANE'S MOM" in navy. 

And this is probably my favorite purchase so far: 

It's my own pillowcase that I am going to take with me to the hospital! I knew I was going to take my own pillow so I started thinking I need something unique and fun!

It warms my heart to see how excited my husband is for Kane to get here. He talks and kisses my belly all the time. He tells me that when I fall asleep he talks to Kane, it's their "alone" time! LOL how sweet is that? I know Michael is going to make the best dad to our children. I feel blessed to of found someone like him. I had the most patent, loving dad and I can see all those qualities in Michael. He loves to try to listen to his heartbeat, either with the heartbeat machine he bought or his own stethoscope.

Here Michael is with the baby scrubs I got him as a father's day present. Michael was a little uneasy about  them at first because he doesn't want to pressure Kane to be a doctor. I had to explain that Kane will probably never see these and it's just for cute pictures! 

And with the bracelet I took from the doctor's office! 

Babe- Kane is going to be so lucky to have you! You are amazing! Love you!

Oh and good news to report: I passed my glucose and iron tests! Michael was so sure that I would fail my iron tests because I'm not a red meat lover but my prenatal vitamins pulled me through! 

One more thing! Ashley, Michael's sister entered our wedding photos in a contest for Houston Modern Luxury Magazine. So cross your fingers that we win! I may be biased but I think our photos are pretty amazing!

Well have a good week! I go to the doctor Tuesday so let's hope she finally fixed her scale! LOL

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