Saturday, September 5, 2009

My New Fab Find!

The other day when we were at dinner with Michael's family I noticed a little boy in a highchair and he had the most adorable cushion! Aunt Ash had enough guts to ask the mom where she got the cover from and she told us.... so here they are...

Aren't they adorable? Only problem is, is that they cost a small fortune! LOL Of course they also carry matching shopping cart covers...

As soon as I could reach a computer I tried searching for a cheaper version on the ever reliable Etsy but for the first time ever they let me down. Nothing even close to these. I think these are just too cute for words! I'll have to charm the hubby to see if he will go for them. I'll keep you updated! 

By the way, I think Mr. K learned some impressive dance moves because for the last week I can feel him twist. It is the weirdest feeling ever. It's like he is dancing in there! He finishes his routine with a jab in the lower abdomen. So weird to feel him getting so big. 

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