Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doctor Update

So today we went to the doctor for our 30 week visit! She told us that from here on out she wanted to see us at least once every two weeks until we get closer to our due date and then it changes to once a week. Crazy to think that I'm already 7 months! For the SECOND time in a row Mr. Kane kicked the heartbeat monitor when the nurse pressed it on my stomach. It is the funniest thing! He did it three weeks ago and we thought it was just a coincidence until he did it again today. He must not like the way it sounds because it's loud. Michael and I are going to have our hands full! 

I have gained three pounds in three weeks, so that puts me at a total weight gain of 24 lbs! I have seen the scale go places I never thought it would! LOL She also told me that my glucose tests came back good but I was borderline on my iron levels. So she put my on Slow FE. I'll take my first pill tonight so we will see how it goes. We also talked about getting the flu shot. It is recommended but still scary to put stuff into your body while your pregnant. (This is coming from the girl who has taken only 4 tylenol throughout her pregnancy). 

I also made an appointment for our 3-D ultrasound. We have debated doing it for weeks but finally decided we will only be in this position once and why not? 

Today i got in two more things that I ordered from Etsy...

Since Kane is due the week before Thanksgiving I thought this would be perfect for our little turkey. I may monogram it, haven't decided yet. There may not be enough room.

Here is the shirt I ordered for Michael to wear the day Kane is born. I thought it would be adorable to put his footprints on. I thought the writing would be in black but oh well. It says "KANE'S DAD", not sure why its not clear on the picture. Michael LOVES it so that's all that matters. 

This is a frame I made for Kane's nursery. I have one more frame that is smaller but I think I'm going to paint it blue and do a cream ribbon. A lady who is doing some work for me has my can of blue paint but hopefully she'll be done soon.

I also found these highchairs, they are so pretty but so expensive! Love them!
Oval Highchair in Distressed Ivory with Black/Ivory Leopard-Oval Highchair in Distressed Ivory with Black/Ivory Leopard by Nicole Reid Highchairs, Luxury Highch

Oval Highchair in Distressed Sage Finish - Mocha Vinyl-Distressed Sage Finish - Mocha Vinyl by Nicole Reid Highchairs, Luxury Highchairs, High end highchai

Michael told me today that he showed pictures of my pregnant belly to his residency coordinator and all the people at UT Houston. LOL! I love the way he loves my baby bump! Such a sweet hubby. 

We are also going to get some baby books this week and start reading to Kane. I read that if we read the same books over and over while I'm pregnant he will recognize the books when he comes. 

Oh and one more thing. I've been looking into getting a food processor so I can make my own baby food. I like the fact that I can control what we feed the munchkin when we incorporate food into his diet. Wish me luck!

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the week! 

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  1. You made frames too!!!! :) Love Michael's shirt, really cute!!!

  2. testing it for chels

  3. Your new blog design is adorable... and I am loving all of the personalized things you've gotten for Kane (and his precious parents!). You look adorable! xoxo


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