Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Glimpse At Our Sweet Boy

Saturday morning we met Michael's mom and sister at 3D-4D Ultrasound to get a sneak peak at our little boy. Wouldn't you know that he takes after his dad and is impossible to wake up? He had his hands in front of his face and would not move! Little stinker! So the tech got the best photos he could but ultimately we had to reschedule for this next week. It was so exciting to see his little features. It appears that he has his daddy's full lips and chubby cheeks! Of course I had to ask if he had a lot of hair and it looks like it is just peach fuzz for now... which is great because I love bald babies! But of course I'll love a full head of hair on him. After we left we met my aunt, g-ma and cousin for lunch. It was so nice to have everybody around us and talking about how excited they all are for Kane's arrival. 

Introducing Kane Easton

I love his little nose! It makes makes me melt to see that precious little face. The tech who performed the ultrasound was so nice and I recommend him to everyone! 

Here he was being silly, PLEASE EXCUSE THE BELLY BUTTON! LOL

We also were able to go and pick up a few things that we had painted at Baby's 1st Furniture. 

This is a little table we got from there but it only came in pink so the lady painted for us! It will be perfect sitting next to his rocker! The lamp is something I've had since I was a little girl.

I got this canvas from hobby lobby and had her paint it, it's going on one of his shelves. 

And this is one is special because when my brother and I were little my dad would tell us this every night when he tucked us in bed. California is significant because he grew up there.  It makes me smile every time i see it. 

And here are some things I painted

I also got in more things that I ordered on Etsy...

Its a reversible Boppy cover! I think its so cute!

I also found a lady who paints on Etsy and I had her paint pictures that we are going to hang in Kane's room. She was the best! We designed the pictures together and I told her the colors that we needed. Notice the little boy has blonde hair, I'm so used to blonde babies that I forgot that Kane has a strong chance of having black hair like his dad. Oops!! 

The bear is my absolute fav! 

Besides painting this weekend I have also been busy getting ready for baby shower #1! I started the diaper cake. It still needs a few things but my aunt is adding those. 

It's supposed to be carnival themed to go with  the shower but the octopus was too cute to pass up. Plus it was the only large animal I could find. If I find anything better this next week I'll switch it out. 

We have another interview tomorrow with a pediatrician. We were pleased with the first doctor but this one is at Methodist and I think we will feel more comfortable with him. Plus numerous people referred us to him. 

We were bad little parents today... we skipped our child-birthing class. We started thinking that we don't really need it. Michael is a doctor and I have been blessed enough to have a child born in my family every two years since I was a baby. Plus I have years of babysitting under my belt. (I'm obsessed with babies!) Hope we don't regret this decision later! LOL 

I did more crafts but I'll save those for another post because Aunt Ashley is coming over to show us a Burberry outfit she got for Kane! 

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  1. I love the Boppy cover, too cute! And that painting with the boy & balloon is ADORABLE! I can't wait to see his nursery complete.

    We were SUCH bad child birth class students. Between your doctor hubby and natural instincts, you'll do great!

  2. I found your blog through Mer and had to stop by and say I love the name Kane! So sweet!!

  3. I love everything about this post!!! Super cute!!!


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