Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Perfect Outfit

The day I was born my dad went shopping and surprised my mom with the most beautiful outfit for me to come home in. It is something that is very special to me now that he is no longer here. (I can not wait until I have a daughter of my own because I want to have her pictures taken in it). The tradition continued when my brother welcomed his beautiful daughters. We looked everywhere to find the perfect gown for each one of them. So you can only imagine the excitement I felt when I went shopping for my son's outfit. It had to be something boyish but classic.

Here is a picture of me in my outfit

And here is what we found for Kane

Such a sweet Ralph Lauren outfit!

Plus I already picked out my daughter's outfit! I almost got this one for Kane but decided it was too feminine. I saw this outfit in pink when I helped my brother shop for his third daughter's outfit but he did not like it. So I will happily get it for my daughter. The only catch is that the lady is going to stop making them so I have to get it soon! She hand makes them in France so once she stops there is no hunting it down. LOL you can never plan too early. I just hope I do have a daughter one day because my hubby would not appreciate a boy in pink!

We may still get it in blue for Kane just to have his pictures taken in it. I have not made up my mind completely. Too unique to pass up in my opinion.

We also went on another pediatrician consult today. I think we will go with Dr. Y because he was so adorable and soft spoken. Plus, he is on the faculty for Texas Children's so if we ever need to get our kids in there he could do it. He also a teaching physician so he is up to date on all things baby!

I got a pleasant surprise this afternoon! Baby's 1st called us and told us our glider and ottoman were in! They told us it would be 4-8 weeks but it got here in 3! I was very surprised because this is the same place that took 6 weeks to make a scrapbook cover! It is so comfy, I could rock in it for hours! Thank you so much grandma! Kane's room is coming around!

When I was shopping on Etsy today I found something I can not wait to get for pregnancy #2!

They are belly markers to keep track of pregnancy pictures! Love it! It is a must! Plus Ashley told me of a shower she is going to throw for baby #2... It's a gender shower! You go to the doctor to find out the sex and have the doctor write it down in a sealed envelope. Then you take the envelope to the bakery and tell them that if it's a boy put in blue filling and if it's a girl you do pink filling! So when you have all your closest friends and family around you cut the cake and find out! How cute is that idea?

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  1. I love Kane's sweet outfit to come home in. Carson was born such a chunky baby that he was literally bursting out of the amazing outfit my parents bought for him to come home in. I kid you not, a button popped off later that day! Funny story now... not so much then!

    THe glider & ottoman is beautiful. You will spend LOTS of time there mama... so worth it! Carson and I still climb in there every day to watch a movie or read books.



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