Thursday, September 17, 2009

Official Countdown Begins

Today is 2 months , or 8 weeks and 5 days, or 61 days until our due date! (But who's counting?) Michael and I can not wait to meet our sweet boy. We get closer to being ready with each passing day. We are having our first shower this weekend and we are patiently waiting for his bedding to arrive.

 We try to pass time by reading to Kane....

Michael reading, "I Love You Because You're You." 

We play music for him...

And we take pictures of everything we can possibly think of related to him...

We can not wait until he arrives, just hope he's ready for us! 

Speaking of showers, look what I found....

I thought it was the cutest thing to use as a center-piece but Ashley told me it was freaky looking! LOL Oh well, it did cost a small fortune to rent for a weekend! 

I'll be sure to update with shower pics this weekend!  

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