Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Of Our Own

This morning I was looking through my iphoto collection and I found pictures of my newborn niece from last December. It's crazy to think this winter we will have our own new arrival.

Cadyn Noelle
Using my hand to show how tiny she was!

I love the HUGE headband I bought for her! Unfortunately she didn't!

Uncker Mikell (As the girls call him!) meeting Cadyn for the first time.

All my beautiful nieces- Chloe, Kylie and Cadyn

We can not wait until our little boy joins our family! I get so excited looking through the girls baby pictures. We are defiantly in need of a boy! The last one born in my family was 12 years ago, aka 4 girls ago. LOL

Today we are having our second baby shower given by all of Lisa's dear friends. We are so thankful to have many people who love us and our little boy!
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  1. Your nieces are precious!! Hope you had a great shower... xoxo


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