Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who Are You Calling Chubby?

This post is a little odd in that I am going to post the not so glamorous side of pregnancy. I realize I may not have too many more days carrying my first baby and I want something to look back on and remind myself what it was like at the end. It seems that this last month I have blown up like a blow fish because I have gotten so swollen.

My tummy looks lopsided!
This could be my last belly shot! Has he dropped???

Can you say Cankles?

Hmmmmm.... No wonder my shoes won't fit! I have blocks for feet!
LOL ok now that everybody has had a good laugh or gotten sick from the photos time to talk about something else....

Here is Kane's beautiful bassinet... I love it. I can not wait until he is sleeping in it! Michael is so funny. He wants Kane sleeping on his side of the bed. I have explained that I have the milk not him but he won't budge because he wants to get up with him at night too! Such a sweet and excited daddy!

Today Lisa had her surprise grandma shower. It was a success and so much fun! She has the best group of friends!

Lisa was being silly and put a skeleton head under her shirt!
Comparing bumps!
She is going to make such a great grandma, great sense of humor!

The group plus me (and Kane)

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  1. You are just precious! Bump, cankles, and all! Wish you the best! Only a little bit longer, how exciting!!!

  2. Why oh why did God give pregnant lady swollen feet! If that's the only thing bad going your way lady, then you have it good! You are just glowing at the shower and can't wait to see your little man debut!

  3. you look fabulous girl!!! The crib is soooo cute and I loved looking at all your pictures!! Hope your having a great night!! *hugs*

  4. You look so great! As much as I can't wait to get to that stage, I really like to take one day at a time. Recently my belly has just been present at night after eating all day. Now when I wake up, it is still there! However, I feel truly special to be able to experience this. Good luck with everything!

  5. Gosh, I can't remember how I found your blog, but you are just the cutest thing!! And I love the idea of having a grandma shower! How fun is that? Love the bassinet too, so sweet


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