Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

It is FINALLY starting to get a little chilly outside and besides my feet being too swollen for most of my winter shoes I LOVE IT! It is so hard to not run out and spend oodles of money on a new winter wardrobe. I love everything about fashion in the winter-from scarfs, to jackets to knee-high boots! I went to Off-Fifth today and scored on some cute scarfs and a winter headband!
Ashley, my sis-n-law, just ordered the cutest pair of knee high boots from Banana! Oh, how I wish I could buy boots right now!

I am totally in love with these babies! Too bad we don't wear the same size! I would buy them in my regular size right NOW except everybody in my family had bigger feet after having a baby! On an even sadder note... It makes my eyes water knowing that may favorite closet item may not fit my swollen, gigantic feet anymore....

My amazing hubby bought these for me in March for my birthday! My birthday is March 9th and we found out about the little nugget in my tummy on March 22!!!! My heart will ache if I can not fit my feet into these beauties after I have him! Oh the sacrifices women make! Why can't there be a guarantee that everything will shrink back to normal after having a baby?

Don't get me wrong readers- I would gain 100+ pounds for my baby, I am just getting the itch to shop again! Speaking of shopping, I think I found the top I want to wear for our first family Christmas card photo!

Robert Rodriguez Belted Sequin Cardigan

I talked to our Doctor today and she said that if he is not here by the 10th she will induce labor. That's only a week and 4 days! I hope he comes on his own before that. The only reason we asked her to induce is because Michael has a huge orthopedic exam on the 14th! We have had nightmares about the baby coming during his test! If he walks out of the test he automatically fails! Talk about pressure!

This is the cutest story ever!!! Last night I woke up screaming because I had the most painful charlie horse ever. My poor hubby thought I was going into labor and jumped up so fast! i felt horrible telling him it was just my leg!

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  1. Love the heels girl and those boots HOT! Love the pick for your Christmas picture! So excited for you all!! Yay! Hope you have a great weekend! = )


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