Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kane, Hurry Up and Get Here!

Kane- It has been more than a week since your Mom and I have been told that you could be here any minute. Since that day I have been waking up every hour or so by the thought that your Mama has gone into labor. It is the weirdest thing because I have never slept so poorly in the past 9 days.

For example, the other night I heard her in pain and I thought it was finally the real deal, but no it was a cramp in her leg. After feeling let down for the 50th time I easily went back to bed. What was even funnier is there was one afternoon where your mother told me that she thought her water broke meaning that true labor may have started already. You would not believe how mentally locked in I was. I made sure I had all my things for the hospital, I went to the bank to make a deposit in my checking account, I went to get 3 Red Bull energy drinks for the long night ahead. I mean I felt like a god that day, I never had a rush or a euphoric feeling like that in my life. That feeling, however, was tempered a little bit when your mom found out I made a premature announcement on Facebook and she sent me a nasty text message.
It was a let down when the doctor confirmed that labor had not started. I won't lie though, I was 100% ready for you.

I am sure people are thinking I am a lunatic for getting up that many times a night and how I look like a raccoon most the time now, but it is just that I am ready for you to be here and I just can't wait to watch you be born (hopefully the doc will allow me to deliver you myself), to help clean you off and examine you, and finally to give you to your mother because I know she will be dying to get her hands on you.

Just know that your arrival is going to be a huge day for me, it is going to change my life forever. I mean just the thought of you being here has me all revved up, just wait until it becomes a reality. Just so you know, I am going to set up the ride home from the hospital so that your uncle Matthew will be out in front in his car and my Mom will be driving behind us in a motorcade. I am going to drive 15 mph the whole way home with my hazards on. I am going to make a ton of people on the road mad, but I don't give a.......(ha ha)fill in your own sentence enhancer here.

Just get here and make it soon.



  1. Kane is going to cherish letters like this when he is an adult. What a wonderful gift this will be for him in the years to come!

  2. Avas dad felt the same way!! It almost got annoying for him to have to wait so long....especially the last weeks. they were the worst. But hang in there, not much longer and you will be blessed with a little person that you dont know what you did without before. There are no words to describe what you are about to feel! :) enjoy the build up and excitement! Its part of the fun!! Congratulations!

    PS I hope you get to deliver too! What field of medicine are you in??

  3. Aww Jamie, this is sweet of Michael to write! I can't wait for yall to bring a sweet little life into this world. You're going to make a great mama!!

  4. I can not wait for him to get here - seems like just yesterday we called Kelly on 3 way to tell her the news!!! :) Cant wait to finally get to meet him!


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