Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy 1 Week Birthday Kane

My sweet baby is 1 week old today! This past week has flown by and it's definitely bitter sweet. I want Kane to grow into a healthy young man but I love this stage of your life. I love your little cry and being there with you through all of your first experiences. Yesterday daddy and I took you on your first walk and honestly you could have cared less. We were laughing so hard because with each bump in the sidewalk your little cheeks would shake. You got to hear your first dog bark and vacuum running since you came into this world as well. Both times however you didn't move a muscle. Here are some pictures mommy got of you these past few days...

All ready to go, just need the stroller

Your daddy is so proud!
Excuse how white mommy is, her skin hasn't seen the sun since summer '08!
Our little pumpkin
Our little jail bird... everybody made fun of your outfit but mommy loves it!
You got to meet your CRAZY cousins and they LOVED you! Here you are with Chloe
Your LuLu and Aunt Ashley, LuLu has been sick so this is her first time seeing you since you were two days old.
And of course since it was Sunday daddy and you were watching football. I have multiple football outfits for you but daddy said it was silly to change you... next week I just won't ask him :)
My beautiful boy... geez I love you!

Tomorrow the photographer is coming to take your pics... YAY!! but I played photographer today with our new fancy camera. I'll post those pics tomorrow. I think I did a pretty good job but who wouldn't with such a cute baby?? Love you angel!
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  1. awhhhhh....too cute mama! You did a very good job as photographer! Hope your having a great night!

  2. OMGosh he is perfect! Congrats again and welcome to motherhood.

  3. i still remember things about our first week home with Ava...definitely our first day or two. There is nothing more miraculous than your very own child. Happy One Week, Kane!!

  4. aww he's so cute!! and I love his "jailbird" outfit!!


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