Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm In love

These past few days with Kane have been amazing. Words can not explain how much I love this little man. Michael and I stare at him all day and are in complete awe of him. We cry tears of joy at least twice a day just looking at our angel. So far I think we have 650 pictures! Here are some of our favorite pics...

Our last dinner at Benihanas before I checked in to the hospital

Right before the doc came in to deliver Kane

Last Kiss

Family listening out for a cry

Daddy checking Kane out

Our first family photo
Meet our favorite little man

First time in his car seat, needless to say he didn't like it

Pic with mom and dad
About to walk in our home with Kane

Daddy's little treasure
First nap in his bassinet

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  1. So precious, and you look amazing! Congrats!!

  2. congrats girl!! Kane is beautiful! I just love your pictures! You have a beautiful family! xoxo

  3. What an adorable little angel you have! And Jamie, you look INCREDIBLE!

  4. Awww Jamie, he's a doll. Congratulations on the birth of your precious son! I love, love, love the stork! I have to have one for Baby #2. You look beautiful mama!

  5. You are seriously the prettiest lady right after birth!!

  6. I love this and little Kane!!! I am so glad we got to meet him this weekend!

  7. did NOT just give birth before those pictures were taken. You look amazing! Kane is precious, yay for your beautiful little family!


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