Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kane's Big Adventure to LuLu's House

Kane you are now officially 2 weeks old! Well actually, your 15 days, mommy did not have time to blog yesterday. You weigh 7.2 pounds and are 20.5" long. You passed your doctors expectations in weight. (At two weeks you were only supposed to be back at your birth weight, 6 lb 13 oz) It's no wonder though because you eat all the time! You are on a 2-3 hour eating schedule. Mommy gets no sleep but it's ok because I could hold you forever! Daddy says your a mommy's boy! I love it!

Here you are at your first dr appointment!
Then mommy covered you up bc there were lots of germs
Dr. Y checking you out. He said what we already knew... Your perfect!
Mommy's love bug... right before your heel prick. I cried more then you did, it broke my heart!
Not the best picture of mommy but it was a milestone so I'll post it... This was your first time out of the house! We met LuLu and Aunt Ashley for lunch. We went to Ciro's, it's one of our favorite places so you'll get to know it well! The owner treated us to free appetizers to congratulate us on your arrival.
After we ate we went to LuLu's house where you had lots of people (and puppies) waiting to see you!
LuLu's dogs loved you! Especially Winnie!
You and daddy were watching Uncle Matt play video games... notice Winston :)
You were snoozing

Uncle Peter was in town from Boston! You boys have the same hair style!

Uncle Paul, Aunt Holly, Aunt Ash, Aunt Abby and you! You were a huge hit!
Uncle Matt and Aunt Abby
Uncle Paul... you looked so tiny in his arms! mommy loved it.

Grandma Leslie and Grand-dude Tip (ha!) came to see you as well but I forgot to take pics!

I love spending every second with you and watching you grow and change. You are mommy's angel! I love you!

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  1. Super cute pics! He is definatly loved by many. I love your blog layout. I'm a follower now! We have one too, check it out. xoxo

  2. Love the pictures!! Look at all that hair! Too cute! I left you a little something over at my blog. Hope your having a great Thanksgiving! xoxo


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