Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kane's Photo Session

Wow, have I been bad about blogging our what? For a baby who sleeps 20 hours a day I am one mama who gets nothing done! I guess it doesn't help that my little one stays up all night so during the day I have to catch up on my sleep. My poor house is feeling the effects of Kane too. It has never been so dirty! But I am trying to keep my OCD about cleaning to a minimum and focus on being a first time mommy. I can clean later, right?

Yesterday I finally went through our 1,000 + pics and decided which ones I want printed... $230 later... haha! They should be ready today so I am excited to pick them up! I want to frame all of them. No joke! This house will be a museum of Kane.

Any of you mamas have any tips on breast feeding? My little guy eats every 2 hours and I am worn out! Not to mention I am terrified to leave the house with him alone. I have so many errands to run but I haven't figured out how to do them when he is attached to my body 24/7. I know I can pump but I don't want to. HA! I love the bonding. Plus now that it is freezing outside I don't want to risk him getting sick! How did you guys manage?

Ok enough rambling. Enjoy the pics...

Our little boy is growing like a weed! He started rolling over when he was only 2 weeks! And we have started styling his hair. He looks so old with his new spikes! We figured he has so much hair we might as well do something with it!

And here are some family shots from Thanksgiving. We had such a good time being with family and friends!

I'll try to update more often. You guys have a great week and keep your fingers crossed that we get snow here in Houston!

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  1. Melt my heart mama!! Love the pictures! Hope your having a great week. = )

  2. Jamie,
    First off I love your pics! That’s one thing I forgot to do is take infant pics. I’ll have to remember for kido #2! So here is my two cents on breast feeding. Caden was the same way and I was exhausted too! I started drinking fenugreek tea. This is something my pediatrician recommended. It’s an herbal all natural tea. I found fenugreek seeds at the whole foods and boiled them into a tea. I have to say it’s not the best tasting but it increased my milk production by 100% and Caden was fuller more often. Sometimes I would have to wake him or pump because I was so gorged with milk. He went from feeding every 1-2 hours to every 3 hours. Another thing I did was pump before starting the tea to see exactly how much he was getting and it was not a lot maybe 2 oz total! So he was feeding more often because he was hungry, lol! Another good resource and support system is the La Leche League. It’s for breastfeeding mothers and there is a group out in Katy. When Caden was about 2.5 months I started supplementing with formula just one 4 oz bottle a day. It was the last feeding and helped him sleep through the night. I hope this helps you.

    All the best!

  3. You are so gorgeous and what a precious baby with a head full of hair!

  4. The pics are so beautiful. I can't believe how much hair Kane has. What a doll! I know you are just eating him up.

    The best advice I can give is to pump. The reason I say this is to let Kane get used to the bottle. I have a friend that tried to pump and feed with the bottle too late, and he never wanted it. You can still bond with him so much by feeding him a bottle, and I find even more so because you can really look into their eyes. Plus, it gives Daddy a special time every now and then and gives you a little break. You can do it! Best wishes!


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