Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bitter Sweet Time Of The Year

As my blog title explains, December has been bitter sweet for me since 2001. When I was a senior in high school my dad unexpectedly passed away on December 14th. As you can imagine, my life was thrown upside down and inside out. My family has been a huge support system for me and my older brother. Last year my brother was expecting his 3rd little girl on the 10th of December. For the first time since my dad's death December was going to be a joyous occasion until.... December 7th came around. I was spending the day at my boyfriends (now my husband) parents house. We were all about to sit down for Sunday dinner when my mother-in-law went to get her husband for dinner. She found him unresponsive. He had gone into cardiac arrest. For the rest of the week we were at the hospital praying that he would come back, but he did not. He had an abnormality in his heart that had gone undetected his whole life. It was a miracle that he lived a healthy life as long as he had.

My husband and his family are facing the one year anniversary of his death on December 11th and my mother-in-law is facing their 28 year anniversary today. So I ask that you all keep my husband and his family in your prayers.

Now on to the sweet part... our precious baby is about to have his FIRST Christmas! We are so thrilled to have him in our lives. He has brought us so much joy. We love you angel! You truly are our Christmas blessing.

Second Blessing- Michael's mother was becoming Catholic before her husband passed away so they could go to church together. After taking a few months off she has completed her courses. The church is holding her communion on the anniversary of Dr. Miranda's death and they are having a small service to honor him. We are looking forward to celebrating her accomplishments and his life on the same night.

Our third blessing- Michael's father was an ER physician and saved the lives of many. So after his passing his family thought it was only appropriate to donate his organs and tissues so he could save more lives through his passing. To our surprise, Donate Life (the organization that handles donors and recipients) picked him to honor in the rose bowl parade. There will a picture made out of roses of Dr. Miranda on their float. In a few weeks they are sending the picture to Houston and we are all making finishing touches on it. Some of his recipients will be there to help and meet us. I can't imagine how Michael and his family will feel meeting these people. It must make them so proud knowing that through their father's/husband's passing peoples lives are saved.

So as you all can tell December is busy for us! We are looking forward to making good memories in December and enjoying the holiday with or little boy.

Doesn't even look like Houston!

Michael and his brother throwing snowballs at each other in the backyard

Some of our family Christmas photos

Kane's first snow!
Our Christmas angel!

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  1. both of your families are in my prayers. Great post Jamie!! Blessings to you and Michael and sweet baby Kane. Our kids are the most amazing gifts we could ever imagine! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Such a sad story but you definitely have much to be celebrating this month. Being Catholic, it will be such a great remembrance of your MIL to receive her first communion on the anniversary of her husband's death. Talk about the symbolism of communion and the circle of life!

  3. I know this will be a tough month for you guys and if you need anything let me know - I remember both of those days well and you guys are def in our prayers - love u!

  4. I know the anniversary of losing a love one is always hard, especially around the holidays. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy your first Christmas with little Kane. Our children are truly a gift from God. Blessings!


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