Friday, January 22, 2010

Prayer Request

I have a prayer request for a 24 year old girl that works at my doctors office. I do not want to give out too much information about her because of HIPAA violations. (I work in the health care industry and it's been drilled in my head)

When I went to my doctor last week everybody asked about Kane and through conversation they brought up that one of their co-workers was out on maternity leave. She had not had her baby yet but was put on bed rest the last couple weeks of her pregnancy. We briefly discussed how she was frustrated that she was using all her PTO (paid time off) before the baby even got here. Michael visited the same doctor yesterday and mentioned he was Kane's dad and they started talking baby. They told him that they had just gone to visit their co-worker at the hospital. She had the baby but something went terribly wrong. She suffered something called an amniotic fluid embolism. It is SOOOO rare that it only occurs in 1 in 20,000 births. In fact most doctors will never see a case in their career. It is when the amniotic fluid enters the mother's blood stream through the placental bed of the uterus and triggers an allergic reaction. There are two stages that occur, the first is the mother enters a coma where only 50% of women survive. The second is where the mother has excessive bleeding because it is unable to clot. Most women never enter the second phase. The young lady I am talking about is currently still in the first phase. She is in a coma. The baby survived the ordeal but the poor family is facing losing her. At a time where there should only be joy this family is faced with so much sorrow. The girl was just like any of us who went into the hospital expecting to meet her baby and bring him home only a few days later. But now she is facing the fight of her life. Please keep her, her husband and her new baby in your prayers. They need it.

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  1. This is heartbreaking... my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.


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