Sunday, February 14, 2010


I turned in pictures of Kane's nursery yesterday to and it's going to be featured on their blog and website! I am so excited! Designing his room was a ton of fun and to be honest I was sad when the room was complete. Not because I didn't like how it turned out but because I had nothing else to design. Until now.... I have designed his NEXT room and I have ideas for baby #2. (that is if it is a girl) But for now a sweet friend has asked me to help her design her daughters room. Can not wait to get started!!!

Here is what I have picked out so far for Kane's toddler room

It is taking everything I have to not order this precious tent from Pottery Barn to go in his future room/play room

And look what I found on Etsy! They are kid plates- so cute! I will for sure be ordering Kane a couple

I just completed Kane's Valentine's Day cards. They are very plain because I figured I couldn't go too crazy since he is a boy. HA!
And the back side with his little foot print.

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  1. valentine's cards = SO PRECIOUS!!!! love them! love those plates too! and well everything else you blogged about..haha! em tanner has some really cute name plates too!


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